Ornamented disc

The item has a shape of a well-grinded oval disc with a large cylindrical hole. The item is conditionally divided into a narrowed part (head) and an extended one with a downed edge. The hole is located in the head part. Faces are decorated with a geometrical ornament. The main elements of the ornament are hatching, notches, lattice. 

Manufacturing technique

The surface was formed on abrasives of a different graininess. The item was made in a hard way. Firstly, it was cut with a knife (long movements), then it was treated with a burin, and on the last stage, it was treated with small abrasive. 

The lines of the ornament were obviously made with a thin blade (a flake of a rock crystal or a metal knife).

The bottom part is beaten from two sides in medium and large flakes (later than the forming of grinded surfaces). 

Storage location

The Museum of Buryat History named after Khangalov M.N.

Inventory number



Length - 133,34 mm

Width - 121,09 mm

Thickness - 20,38 mm

Diameter of the hole - 58,09 mm

Weight - 526,81 g




VII-V millennium BC

The author of the excavations

Fortuitous find

Page authors: T. Rostiazhenko, L. Lbova