Pendant №3

Casting bronze pendants in the form of a spoon with ribbed handles. In the upper part there are holes with a diameter of 2 mm. On one pendant the eyelet is lost, on the other one the eyelet is partially destroyed by a corrosion process. Grey-green patina. 

A pendant №3 has a twisted handle. The relief is smoothed. The edge of the item is smoothed. The pendant was found in a destroyed burial, III section, second cultural layer of the site. 

Manufacturing technique

The items are cast in double-sided two-part molds

Storage location

The museum of BSC SB RAS

Inventory number



Length - 40,10 mm

Width of reservoir - 9,40 mm

Width - 5,84 mm

Thickness - 2,83 mm




Bronze Age

The author of the excavations

Hamzina E.A.


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Sergeeva N. F., Hamzina E. A. Bronzovye izdeliya iz Posol'ska na Bajkale // Drevnyaya istoriya narodov yuga Vostochnoj Sibiri. Irkutsk: IGU, 1975. - Vyp. 3. - S. 176-183.

Page authors: T. Rostiazhenko, A. Simukhin, L. Lbova