Posolskaya site

The site was discovered by the expedition under the direction of Okladnikov A. in 1949. It was located near Posol'sk village in Kabanskiy district of Buryatia. The habitation site was studied in 1959 and 1964 by Hamzina E. The expedition totally excavated 524 м2. Three partly destroyed burials with bronze items of Karasuk times were found in the 1st layer. The 2nd layer dates from Neolithic. Two burials of Glazkovskiy type were found there. Also a dog burial sprinkled with fish bones was found. 

The study of the site was continued in 1986 and 1988 by the archaeological expedition under the direction of Konstantinov M. The total section thickness is 3.7 m, the remains are located in the upper part of the section. Nine cultural layers were found (inc. 1a-1e, 2a-2в). Cultural layer 2 gave a radiocarbon date 5.75 th. years BP. Interesting materials were collected at the arable land in the site area, including a bronze knife with an ornamented handle, shoulders and a leaf-shaped tip, a curly plaque, etc.



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