Scythian type dagger

A bronze casting dagger is double-sharped and straight with a tubular top and a butterfly-shaped crosshair. Its handle has three parallel veins about 3 mm thick. Last of them smoothly diverge to the crosshair. Three veins connecting on the tip can be seen on the blade. On the crosshair, there are some ornament elements which are repeated on each half. 

Manufacturing technique


1.5-2 cm from the edge of the tip, on both sides, there are some metal influxes, probably formed as a result of topping the tip to casting the dagger itself. The data of spectral analysis of samples from the blade and the top showed the same results.

Use-wear traces

On the blade, there are some notches that tell us about using the item. The tip of the blade is not remained. 

Storage location

The museum of BSC SB RAS

Inventory number



Length - 263 mm

Width - 26,04 mm

Thickness - 6,05 mm

Length of the handle - 96,06 mm

Length of the blade - 156.96 mm




Initial Bronze Age

The author of the excavations

Hamzina E.A.


Sergeeva N. F., Hamzina E. A. Bronzovye izdeliya iz Posol'ska na Bajkale // Drevnyaya istoriya narodov yuga Vostochnoj Sibiri. Irkutsk: IGU, 1975. - Vyp. 3. - S. 176-183.

Page authors: T. Rostiazhenko, A. Simukhin, L. Lbova