Zoomorphic sculpture

This is a stylized image of a moose head. The item of an elongated shape and medium quality of preservation. It has an elongsted nose, a convex round eye, leaf-like ear located acros the long axis of the item. Between the ears, there is a ledge. The mouth is slightly opened, the nostrils are highlighted. the entire surface has traces of bright red pigment. The item is made with a high quality. 

Manufacturing technique

The surface preservation quality is good. Probably, the nape part was treated with abrasive. The bridge of nose, as well as areas around eyes and ears, is treated with a push-plane. The inner parts of the eyes, nostris, and mouth are treated with a cutting tool. The eyes are made with a rotary motion of a cutting tool which worked as a reamer. The mouth and nostris treatment is made with oncoming movement of a cutting tool. The head lump contour is made probably with a push-plane. Then grinding and polishing were made. Traces of grinding can be seen on the nape. The grinding is made on a relatively large abrasive. The sculpture elements - ears, eyes, mouth, nostris - are cut with a cutting tool. The canals are deep, with a high relief. 

Use-wear traces

The entire surface except the nape part is covered with a proper grinding and polishing which is covering the previous traces of treatment. The entire surface has traces of polishing from the contact with soft organic material (leather). Particularly bright polishing is visible on protruding relief elements.

The polishing is made with a high quality. After the item ocher coloring, it was used quite a long time. 

Storage location

Irkutsk Regional Art Museum

Inventory number



Length - 78 mm

Width - 18 mm

Thickness - 17 mm





The author of the excavations

Khoroshev P.P.

Page authors: L. Lbova