Cheremukhovaya pad'

The cemetery in Cheremukhovaya pad' is located 3 km east of the Ulan-Ude-Kyakhta highway, east of Ust-Kyakhta village, in an old pine forest. The area of the cemetery is 65 575 км2

The cemetery was discovered in 1950 by the Buryat archaeological expedition under the direction of Okladnikov A. In 1955, Davydova A. shot the site. Excavations were held in 1957 and 1961 by Tugutov R., Mamonova N., and Khamzina E. In 1965-1966 the excavations were held under the direction of Konovalov P.

The site includes 84 burials which are in three groups. The main group consists of 60 burials, the other one is located to the east closer to the road, and the third group includes 11 burials. The burials have round shape with a diameter 5-8 m. They have mounds that are laid out in the form of a ring. 

These are finds: various clay vessels, iron arrowheads, knives, belt buckles, elements of horse trappings, and bone rods.



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